Watch Chinese astronauts light a spherical fire in risky open-flame experiment on Tiangong space station

China’s Shenzhou 16 astronauts carried out an eye-raising experiment in house involving open flames aboard the Tiangong house station.

Astronauts Gui Haichao and Zhu Yangzhu lit a candle throughout a stay lecture broadcast from China’s Tiangong house station on Sept. 21 to exhibit how flames burn in microgravity. Strikingly, the flames seem practically spherical, moderately than the teardrop-shaped flames we’re conversant in again on Earth.

Lit candles on Earth produce flames formed by way of buoyancy-driven convection, with scorching air rising and chilly air descending. That combustion convection present is weak within the microgravity atmosphere of low Earth orbit, nonetheless. This implies flames diffuse in all instructions, leading to spherical fireballs.

Astronauts Gui Haichao and Zhu Yangzhu mild a candle aboard the Tiangong Area Station throughout a stay lecture on Sept. 21, 2023. (Picture credit score: CCTV)

The livestreamed lecture was the fourth so-called “Tiangong classroom” hosted on China’s house station. The astronauts interacted with college students in 5 school rooms throughout China, demonstrating quite a lot of microgravity phenomena. As with earlier school rooms, the astronauts demonstrated that many bodily processes behave otherwise than they do on Earth.


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