Spot the moon near Jupiter on August 7 and 8

Moon close to Jupiter on August 7 and eight

The final quarter moon might be close to Jupiter on the mornings of August 7 and eight, 2023. The moon and planet are roughly two levels (or 4 moon widths) aside all through the night time. The pair are within the constellation Aries the Ram.

After they first rise above the horizon relies on the place you reside. The moon with Jupiter scorching on its heels will rise simply earlier than midnight on August 7 for increased northern latitudes. They rise after midnight on August 8 for places farther south. And places west of the worldwide date line will see the pair nearer collectively simply after midnight on August 9. To search out the exact time to look at the moon and Jupiter rise out of your location, go to

Moon near Jupiter: Sky chart showing two positions of half-lit moon, with one closer to a dot labeled Jupiter.
You’ll be able to see the final quarter moon close to Jupiter on the morning of August 7. It’s even nearer to the king of planets on the eighth. For correct dates and occasions of when to see the moon rise beside Jupiter out of your location, go to Chart by way of John Jardine Goss/ EarthSky.

Take a better look

You don’t want any magnification to see the pair, although it’s at all times good to take a better look in binoculars or a telescope. Plus, you’ll be able to watch Taurus the Bull with its star clusters of the Pleiades and the Hyades observe them throughout the sky. The Pleiades is a unbelievable goal by way of binoculars.

Comply with Jupiter after dawn

The moon is ultimately quarter on August 8, which implies it’s half lit because it’s midway between full and new section. A final quarter moon rises late at night time and units within the afternoon. Subsequently, the moon and Jupiter will attain their highest level within the sky across the time of dawn. Meaning, for those who observe the moon from daybreak till after dawn, you may additionally have the ability to keep watch over Jupiter because the sky lightens. It’s a very good alternative to identify Jupiter in a daytime sky. Tell us within the feedback beneath how lengthy you’ll be able to maintain Jupiter in sight because the sky brightens.

Backside line: You’ll be able to spot the moon close to Jupiter in a single day on August 8, 2023. The moon and the king of the planets might be about 4 moon widths aside.

For extra sky occasions, go to EarthSky’s night time sky information.


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