Bizarre ‘failed star’ the size of Jupiter is 2,000 degrees hotter than the sun

A newly found star system is breaking data — and serving to scientists unravel the mysteries of an excessive sort of planet generally known as sizzling Jupiters. In a paper printed Aug. 14 within the journal Nature Astronomy, researchers describe how the system might assist additional our understanding of worlds past our photo voltaic system.

The binary system, positioned 1,400 light-years away, consists of a “white dwarf” and a “brown dwarf.” White dwarfs are the crystalline cores of enormous stars that ran out of gasoline and collapsed below their very own gravity. Brown dwarfs, in the meantime, blur the road between planets and stars. They’re extra huge than gasoline large planets however do not have fairly sufficient gasoline to ignite a stellar fusion response of their cores — which is why they’re also known as “failed stars.” 


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