It takes just 22 people to start a Mars colony, new study claims

Once you consider colonies on different planets, you most likely consider giant teams of individuals congregating in colony bases such as you’ve seen in science fiction films and reveals. Nevertheless, a brand new examine claims you’d solely want 22 folks to start out a Mars colony efficiently. The examine additionally discovered that some personalities won’t be so nice for planetary colonization.

The examine in query is presently accessible on the preprint server arXiv. The examine not solely ran simulations to see what number of human colonists could be wanted to optimally arrange a colony, however it additionally in contrast totally different personalities to see how they might work together and behave on such an extended and isolating mission.

The examine says the magic quantity for the smallest inhabitants of colonists that might construct and maintain a Mars colony could be 22. Additional, the researchers say the simulation checked out 4 totally different personalities to see how they might deal with the interactions between folks with various ranges of ability, stress, and resilience. 

Mars panorama captured by the Pathfinder lander. Picture supply: NASA/JPL

They discovered that individuals who had been reactive, sociable, and agreeable may efficiently work throughout the simulated Martian colony with out a lot concern. Nevertheless, they discovered that neurotics concerned within the simulation had been extra more likely to die than others, with a a lot greater demise price than different character varieties.

This type of info is extraordinarily useful, particularly if we ever wish to truly ship people to Mars and presumably colonize the planet in any manner. It’s usually straightforward to think about people as numbers and items of an equation. However, because the researchers word of their examine, our distinct personalities deliver a variety of complexity to the state of affairs, so you will need to take that into consideration as properly.

“We wished to indicate that if we neglect the social, behavioral and psychological points of house explorations, we will err grossly in our estimations, predictions and projections,” Anamaria Berea, co-author on the examine, instructed The Register. NASA can also be presently working a Martian colony simulation with 4 folks which might be locked in makeshift Mars bases.


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