NASA accidentally killed the only life discovered on Mars, theory suggests

For the previous few a long time, the hunt for indicators of alien life on Mars has been one among NASA’s largest endeavors, resulting in the creation of the Mars Pattern Return, permitting us to check Martian samples in-depth looking for life lastly. Nonetheless, a operating idea means that we already found life on Mars 50 years in the past, however NASA killed it.

To completely perceive the idea, now we have to go all the best way again to the mid-Seventies when NASA despatched two Viking landers to the Crimson Planet. The 2 landers have been fairly profitable then, even pulling off the primary and solely life detection experiment on one other planet to this point.

On the time, the outcomes of these exams might have been clearer. As Massive Assume (by way of Freethink) notes, one a part of the take a look at confirmed optimistic outcomes initially. Nonetheless, the gasoline change experiment didn’t present any optimistic outcomes. Additional, an instrument on the Viking landers designed to detect natural compounds didn’t discover something however hint quantities of chlorinated organics.

A concept of the Mars sample retriever that could bring alien germs to Earth
An artist’s idea of a Mars Pattern Retrieval Lander. Picture supply: NASA

Whereas thrilling, the scientists of the time assumed that as a result of there have been no natural our bodies of any kind, the chlorinated organics needed to be contamination from Earth. Additional experiments noticed water added to the soil, which undoubtedly killed the hint quantities, which is why some imagine NASA killed our first proof of life on Mars.

Now we all know for positive that indigenous natural compounds do exist on Mars, which suggests these hint quantities discovered within the Seventies have been possible not contamination from Earth. In fact, there’s no actual option to show they have been from Mars. However, having a fuller image of every little thing now we have realized in regards to the Crimson Planet prior to now 50 years, it definitely does seem prefer it might have been.


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