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MIT Astronomers Say They Have Discovered a Planet Current Theories Can’t Explain

A workforce of astronomers from the Massachusetts Institute of Know-how (MIT) say they’ve found a distant planet that they’ll’t clarify with present planet evolutionary theories. The newly found WASP-193b is a fuel large 50 p.c bigger than Jupiter, the most important fuel large in our photo voltaic system. Nonetheless, it’s only one-tenth as dense, making […]

NASA Scientists Present New Theories on Mars Methane Seepage

Crammed with briny lakes, the Quisquiro salt flat in South America’s Altiplano area represents the type of panorama that scientists assume could have existed in Gale Crater on Mars, which NASA’s Curiosity Rover is exploring. Probably the most stunning revelation from NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover – that methane is seeping from the floor of Gale […]

17th Century alien theories revealed – from Jupiter ‘giants’ to ‘God populating universe’

Alien theories from the seventeenth Century, together with ‘giants’ on Jupiter and a ‘God-populated universe’, have been unearthed. Regardless of the latest surge in UFO sightings and alleged alien encounters, our intrigue with extraterrestrial life could be traced again to the 1600s, in keeping with new analysis. It is thought that astronomers and students first […]

“JuMBO” Discovery In The Orion Nebula Will Rewrite Planet And Star Formation Theories

The boundary between planets and stars is a bit muddled up. Positive, it’s clear why the Earth is totally different from the Solar – however when you might have gasoline giants like Jupiter and stellar objects like brown dwarfs with the identical composition however totally different lots, it’s tough to make a transparent dividing line. […]

This Martian Mesa Was Once The Center Of Alien Conspiracy Theories — The Real Answer Is Weirder

A anonymous mesa in a wierd Martian panorama as soon as stood on the heart of a swirl of alien conspiracy theories. In a low-resolution snapshot from NASA’s Viking 1 spacecraft, taken in 1976, the brightly lit ridges and darkly shadowed dips within the terrain atop the mesa shaped a weirdly compelling optical phantasm: a […]

New Exoplanet Discovery Challenges Established Astronomical Theories

Astronomers have found a singular Jupiter-sized planet, named TOI-4860 b, orbiting a low-mass star within the Corvus constellation. This planet, enriched with heavy components, defies conventional planet formation fashions. The invention offers an opportunity to check the atmospheric properties of ‘Heat Jupiters’ and presents insights into the planet formation course of, probably catalyzed by an […]