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Japan’s first moon lander has survived 3 months. What’s next for SLIM?

The primary lunar lander that Japan has ever despatched to the moon continues to hum away on the floor, far outlasting its odds for survival greater than three months because it touched down. A picture the spacecraft managed to beam again to Earth on Tuesday serves as a significant indication that the machine stays powered […]

Japan’s SLIM moon lander surprisingly survived a second lunar night

View of the moon’s floor taken from the SLIM lander’s tilted place JAXA Most landers we ship to the moon function for a single lunar day – about two Earth weeks – earlier than being overtaken and killed by the acute chilly of lunar night time. However Japan’s Sensible Lander for Investigating Moon (SLIM) has […]

Maverick Mars chopper has survived way past its warranty – now it’s time for a sequel • The Register

NASA is planning extra bold flights for the Mars Ingenuity helicopter as engineers work on its follow-up again on Earth. Ingenuity has confirmed to be way more succesful and longer-lasting than known as for by its authentic 30-day mission. The helicopter has flown 66 instances and exceeded that authentic plan by 32 instances. Now NASA […]

Mummified Mice Found Atop Mountain Survived “Mars-Like” Conditions Thought Beyond Mammals

Mummified mice have been discovered on mountain tops within the Andes 6,000 meters (20,000 toes) above sea degree. Though just one residing rodent has been discovered underneath the identical situations, it’s arduous to clarify the murine our bodies apart from that the mouse has mastered situations considered past any mammals. The tops of mountains within […]