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10 Strange Objects Seen On Mars

A Shiny mild on Mars In 2014, NASA’s Curiosity rover returned an intriguing picture of a degree of sunshine on Mars’ horizon. UFO fans had been excited by the picture and speculated in regards to the supply of the sunshine, asking if it was proof of alien exercise.

China Releases CGI Video of Moon Base and It Contains Something Very Strange

Wait, is {that a}… Invoice Blurr The China Nationwide House Administration (CNSA) has proven off a CGI video of its imaginative and prescient of a lunar base, a vastly bold plan the nation is hoping to comprehend in a matter of many years. The showy — albeit dated-looking — render exhibits plans for the Worldwide […]

The strange case of methane on Mars: Possible new answers

Right here’s a pattern of simulated Martian regolith after removing from the simulation chamber at NASA’s Goddard Area Flight Heart. Within the pattern, a strong crust of salt fashioned on the floor. A brand new research says methane on Mars could also be trapped beneath such crusts, solely seeping out when situations are a bit […]

Spiders From Mars? Strange Formations Spotted at Martian Pole

ESA’s Mars Categorical has captured photographs revealing distinctive formations dubbed “spiders” dispersed throughout the southern polar area of Mars. These options are brought on by a captivating interaction of seasonal modifications and geological processes. Throughout the Martian winter, layers of carbon dioxide accumulate on the floor. Then, with the arrival of spring, daylight penetrates the […]

Sample 24: Strange Rock On Mars Investigated By NASA

NASA has taken a better take a look at an odd rock on Mars generally known as “Bunsen Peak”, named after the height in Yellowstone Nationwide Park in Wyoming.  When the Perseverance rover first photographed the rock, it instantly drew the eye of NASA scientists. “This rock was intriguing as a result of it stands […]

Thousands of strange white rocks found on Mars. Will they ever be brought to Earth?

Mars’ rusty crimson floor could have given it its well-known “Purple Planet” standing, however it might additionally seem that hundreds of white rocks are surprisingly littered on the Martian floor. NASA’s Perseverance rover, a robotic geologist that has been exploring the Jezero Crater since early 2021, puzzled scientists when it delivered photographs of over 4,000 […]

Jupiter’s “Great Blue Spot” Hints At Strange Goings-On Deep Inside The Planet

If we outline an ocean as merely a big physique of liquid, then the largest ocean within the Photo voltaic System is inside Jupiter. Not that it might be something like we’re used to. Beneath huge pressures and excessive temperatures, hydrogen is in its metallic liquid state, sloshing in regards to the planet’s inside. That […]

Radio signals from Orion nebula reveal new data about strange celestial objects

Final 12 months, utilizing the James Webb House Telescope (JWST), astronomers made the startling discovery of some free-floating, planetary-mass objects within the Orion nebula that threw their concepts of planet and star formation into doubt. And now, new analysis has additional deepened the thriller round these so-called Jupiter-mass binary objects, or JuMBOs.  JuMBOs aren’t stars, however […]

NASA Mars rover looks up, sees its strange moon eclipsing the sun

There are not any Martians round to look at eclipses on Mars. However there are robots. NASA’s Mars Perseverance rover lately noticed the desert planet’s misshapen moon, Phobos, traversing the solar. The house company’s car-sized robotic used cameras atop its mast — which act like a crow’s nest aboard a ship — to seize the […]

Hidden moon may hold together rings of strange comet-like object between Jupiter and Neptune

A bit of moonlet, too small to be seen from Earth, may very well be enjoying cosmic sheepdog by shaping the skinny rings across the distant minor planet Chariklo, based on new laptop simulations. Chariklo is a Centaur — a breed of small physique that orbits the solar on a path sandwiched someplace between Jupiter […]