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Curiosity Detects ‘Habitable’ Earth-Like Past on Mars, But How Did Oxygen Get There? : ScienceAlert

Rocks scrutinized by the Curiosity rover in an historic, long-dried lakebed on Mars have revealed circumstances prone to have been liveable, billions of years in the past. There, in rocks on the Gale Crater, Curiosity has discovered a shocking quantity of manganese oxide – a mineral that’s generally present in lakes on Earth because of […]

Is Europa Habitable? Juno Spacecraft Measures Oxygen Production on Jupiter’s Moon

For the primary time, SwRI scientists used the Jovian Auroral Distributions Experiment (JADE) instrument to definitively detect oxygen and hydrogen within the environment of considered one of Jupiter’s largest moons, Europa. NASA’s Juno spacecraft, utilizing its SwRI-developed instrument, made the measurements throughout a 2022 flyby of Europa. Credit score: NASA/JPL-Caltech NASA’s Juno spacecraft has offered […]

This planetary moon generates enough oxygen a day to keep a million humans breathing

Europa, one among Jupiter’s 95 moons, generates 1,000 tons of oxygen each 24 hours, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory stated Monday.  It is sufficient oxygen to maintain one million people respiratory every day, but it surely’s considerably lower than scientists beforehand believed existed, researchers stated. The quantity of oxygen might affect the moon’s underground ocean, which […]

Europa has enough oxygen to support a million people

View bigger. | NASA’s Juno spacecraft captured this view of Europa throughout its shut flyby on September 29, 2022. A brand new evaluation of knowledge from Juno exhibits Europa generates 1,000 tons of oxygen each 24 hours. Whereas this is sufficient to permit 1 million individuals to breathe for 1 day, it’s nonetheless much less […]

Jupiter’s moon Europa produces less oxygen than we thought—it may affect our chances of finding life there

Europa seen in true color (left) and false color (proper). Credit score: NASA Jupiter’s icy moon Europa has lengthy been regarded as one of the crucial liveable worlds within the Photo voltaic System. Now the Juno mission to Jupiter has instantly sampled its ambiance intimately for the primary time. The outcomes, printed in Nature Astronomy, […]

Europa Produces 1,000 Tons of Oxygen per Day, According to NASA

Sebastián Cordero’s 2013 sci-fi flick Europa Report (streaming now on Peacock) tells the story of the ill-fated Europa One, the primary crewed mission to Jupiter’s icy moon Europa. Scientists (on display screen and in the true world) are enthusiastic about Europa as a result of it checks numerous the bins for a probably liveable world. […]

Europa might have less oxygen than expected

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — New analysis suggests there’s much less oxygen on the icy floor of Jupiter’s moon Europa than thought — and that might have an effect on what, if any, life may be lurking within the moon’s underground ocean. Even with little or no oxygen, microbes would possibly nonetheless be bustling round within […]

Juno measures oxygen production on Europa

6 Utilizing NASA’s Juno spacecraft, scientists have calculated the speed of oxygen manufacturing on Jupiter’s moon Europa — the primary time any spacecraft had straight measured charged oxygen and hydrogen particles from the moon’s environment. From these measurements, the staff decided the speed of oxygen manufacturing to be a lot decrease than estimated in earlier […]

Jupiter’s moon Europa produces less oxygen than we thought—it may affect our chances of finding life there

This text has been reviewed based on Science X’s editorial course of and insurance policies. Editors have highlighted the next attributes whereas guaranteeing the content material’s credibility: fact-checked peer-reviewed publication trusted supply written by researcher(s) proofread Okay! Europa seen in true color (left) and false color (proper). Credit score: NASA × shut Europa seen in true […]

NASA’s Juno mission sheds new light on Jupiter moon Europa’s oxygen production rate

NASA’s Juno mission to Jupiter has revealed intriguing insights into the speed of oxygen manufacturing on Europa, one of many gasoline big’s moons. Revealed in Nature Astronomy on March 4, the research signifies that the speed of oxygen manufacturing at Europa is significantly decrease than beforehand thought. Using information collected by Juno’s Jovian Auroral Distributions […]