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March’s Best Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books ‹ Literary Hub

There’s an attractive cyclical feeling to this month’s new science fiction and fantasy books: Persephone and Demeter’s fraught mother-daughter dynamic will get retold by an island escape, whereas Frankenstein’s monster is introduced again to life solely to be crushed by capitalism and xenophobia. Micaiah Johnson and Téa Obreht discover post-apocalyptic futures to which they’ve already […]

Finding a New Literary Genre in the Slow Death of the International Space Station ‹ Literary Hub

The Worldwide House Station is a beguiling factor. Twenty-three years into its orbiting life, twenty-three years of continuous human habitation, fifteen contributing nations, its story is an eloquent testomony to worldwide human collaboration. It’s the costliest artifical object ever created, staggeringly advanced and ingenious. On the identical time it’s turn out to be virtually mythological […]