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NASA's Juno Is Getting Ever Closer to Jupiter's Moon Io – NASA

NASA’s Juno Is Getting Ever Nearer to Jupiter’s Moon Io  NASA

NASA’s Juno probe finds giant swirling waves in Jupiter’s magnetosphere

NASA’s Juno mission has recorded big swirling waves on the fringe of Jupiter’s magnetic discipline, revealing new perception on how photo voltaic wind could impression the planet.  Information from Juno’s many flybys of Jupiter confirmed that the spacecraft routinely encounters big swirling waves, or vortices, on the boundary between the planet’s magnetic discipline and the […]

Juno is bringing Jupiter’s moon Io into sharper focus – Ars Technica

Enlarge / This processed picture of Io was captured by Juno’s JunoCam instrument July 30. The final time a spacecraft obtained this near Jupiter’s moon Io was greater than 20 years in the past, a blink of a watch on a typical geological timescale. Most planetary our bodies in our Photo voltaic System would not […]