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NASA takes laser communication with the ISS to the next level

Radio communication remains to be the first methodology of information transmission within the area business. However radio frequency communication could quickly get replaced by optical communication utilizing lasers, which has a number of benefits. A collage of images of pets despatched from Earth to the ISS utilizing a laser. Picture copyright: NASA NASA presently assessments […]

Sols 4191-4192: Communication – NASA Science

It was a pretty standard Monday plan for our intrepid rover, with the science team electing to utilize the rover’s contact science instruments before a drive in the first sol of a two-sol plan. Activities focused primarily on the “Pine Creek” target, located roughly in the center of the prominent bedrock block just above the […]

The Minister for Information, Communication and Information Technology, Mr Nape Nnauye Reveals Plans for Tanzania to Establish its Space Agency

President Samia Suluhu Hassan. Supply:The East African Based on the information report launched by the CITIZEN, the Minister for Data, Communication and Data Expertise, Mr Nape Nnauye, acknowledged that Tanzania is taking an enormous leap in the direction of house exploration with plans to ascertain the nation’s first-ever House Company within the 2024/2025 fiscal yr. […]

China’s Queqiao-2 Satellite Successfully Launched to Enhance Lunar Communication

In a big growth for China’s lunar exploration efforts, the China Nationwide Area Administration (CNSA) efficiently launched the Queqiao-2 satellite tv for pc, creating an important communications hyperlink for future missions to the moon’s far facet. In accordance with state media, this launch marks a crucial step in direction of sustaining China’s bold lunar probe […]

Revolutionizing Lunar Missions with Wireless Communication Technologies

In a landmark examine by IEEE Polytechnique Montréal, a futuristic imaginative and prescient has been unveiled the place communication limitations on the Moon’s far aspect may quickly be historical past, due to the potential of wi-fi energy transmission (WPT). This improvement is ready to bolster future lunar expeditions and pave the best way for prolonged […]

Revolutionizing Lunar Communication with a Proposed Satellite Solution

Researchers from the IEEE Polytechnique Montréal have performed a examine exploring a technique to facilitate uninterrupted communication on the far facet of the Moon—which stays perpetually hidden from Earth’s view as a result of Moon’s synchronous rotation. Their proposed wi-fi energy transmission (WPT) system includes a community of satellites at Earth-Moon Lagrange Level 2 and […]

Nasa’s cosmic communication challenge: Will astronauts one day video call from Mars?

NEW DELHI: As humanity’s gaze turns towards the Crimson Planet, the tantalizing prospect of astronauts video calling from Mars looms on the horizon. However bridging the huge cosmic expanse between Earth and Mars isn’t any strange feat. Let’s discover the challenges, technological strides, and the tantalizing risk of interplanetary video calls.The Martian communication conundrumMars, our […]

Long March 5 deploys Communication Technology Demonstrator 11 satellite

Lengthy March 5 deploys Communication Expertise Demonstrator 11 satellite tv for pc by Simon Mansfield Sydney, Australia (SPX) Feb 26, 2024 China’s newest area mission has efficiently positioned an experimental telecommunications satellite tv for pc into orbit, using the Lengthy March 5 service rocket. This initiative, orchestrated by the China Aerospace Science and […]

Japan’s SLIM Moon Lander Survives Freezing Lunar Night, Restores Communication with Earth

In a story that appears plucked from the pages of a science fiction novel, final month, Japan etched its title into the annals of area exploration historical past. The nation’s Good Lander for Investigating Moon (SLIM) not solely achieved a historic pinpoint landing on the lunar floor, marking Japan because the fifth nation to efficiently […]

Spectrum’s high-precision PCBs enhance space communication for Psyche Mission

Spectrum’s high-precision PCBs improve house communication for Psyche Mission by Clarence Oxford Los Angeles CA (SPX) Feb 15, 2024 Spectrum Superior Manufacturing Applied sciences not too long ago highlighted its essential involvement in NASA’s Psyche spacecraft mission, following the profitable completion of the spacecraft’s 100-day checkout part. The mission, which launched into its […]