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Curiosity Sees Specks Caused By 2024 Solar Storm While Recording a Wind Gust on Mars

Click on right here for animation The specks within the sequence of photos on this video have been attributable to charged particles from a photo voltaic storm hitting one of many navigation cameras aboard NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover. The mission makes use of the rover’s navigation cameras to strive capturing photos of mud devils (dust-bearing […]

Mystery Of What Caused This Giant Hole On Mars – And What Lies Inside?

Whereas snapping photographs of the floor of Mars in 2011, the HiRISE instrument aboard the robotic Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter noticed a really uncommon characteristic. On Pavonis Mons – a big protect volcano within the Tharsis area of volcanic mountains – the digital camera noticed an enormous gap, showing to steer into a big underground cavern. […]

Massive solar flare that caused auroras on Earth now unleashing wrath on Mars

Earth confronted an enormous photo voltaic flare fired off sunspot AR3664 final week, providing area lovers a god-sent alternative to witness auroras. Final week, our residence planet Earth was within the direct firing line of the huge coronal mass ejection. This week, one other planet goes to face the wrath of the large photo voltaic flare: Mars. “Wanting on […]

In situ observation of mass ejections caused by magnetic reconnections in the ionosphere of Mars

Gopalswamy, N. Historical past and growth of coronal mass ejections as a key participant in photo voltaic terrestrial relationship. Geosci. Lett. 3, 1–18 (2016). Chen, J. Coronal mass ejections: causes and penalties—a theoretical view. Geophys. Monogr. Ser. 99, 65–81 (1997). Chen, P. F. Coronal mass ejections: fashions and their observational foundation. Residing Rev. Sol. Phys. […]

A Single Asteroid Caused Two Billion Craters on Mars, Scientists Claim

This is how. Deep Impacts A crew of scientists at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab in California have discovered {that a} single meteorite was possible accountable for creating not only one, however billions of subsequent craters on the Martian floor. Along with the primary 2.3 million-year-old crater known as Corinto, which spans over 8.6 miles throughout, […]

Earth to Witness a New Meteor Shower Today, Caused By a Comet-Jupiter Encounter 50 Years Ago!

Meteor Bathe (NASA/Invoice Ingalls) Tuesday, December 12: About 50 years in the past, a comet had an unusually shut encounter with Jupiter, which led to the creation of a particles stream. As we speak, this celestial particles is poised to fall within the Earth’s path, triggering a completely new meteor bathe on our planet for […]

NASA spacecraft captures glowing green dot on Jupiter caused by a lightning bolt

A picture from Jupiter taken by NASA’s JunoCam exhibits a vivid inexperienced dot on the planet’s north pole. Seems, the glowing orb is a lightning bolt, NASA says. Whereas lightning on Earth usually comes from water clouds close to the equator, clouds containing an ammonia-water answer oftentimes trigger lighting close to Jupiter’s poles, in response […]

Strongest quake ever recorded on Mars may have been caused by tectonic activity

Scientists from quite a few missions orbiting the Purple Planet studied their satellite tv for pc information to attempt to decide the reason for the magnitude 4.7 quake. ADVERTISEMENT A staff of scientists imagine they’ve labored out the supply of the largest ever seismic occasion recorded on Mars. What was initially regarded as huge vibrations […]

What Caused the Biggest Quake Ever on Mars? » Explorersweb

On Might 4, 2022, NASA’s InSight lander detected a 4.7 magnitude quake on Mars from 2,000km away. “[It] nearly saturated our seismometer,” stated scientist John Clinton. Nonetheless, 4.7 shouldn’t be titanic by Earth requirements. “On Earth, a quake of this measurement would in all probability break home windows [and] shake issues off cabinets, however wouldn’t […]

InSight’s Largest Marsquake Was Likely Caused by Geological Processes, Study Says

Throughout its time on Mars, NASA’s InSight (Inside Exploration utilizing Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Warmth Transport) lander recorded over 1,300 seismic occasions, generally known as marsquakes. Of those, a quantity had been recognized as coming from meteoroid influence cratering occasions on the planet’s floor. The biggest occasion recognized by InSight, labeled S1222a, bore some similarities […]