Venus, Jupiter, Bookend Bright Orion

2020, July 6: The intense moon is 3.2° to the decrease left of Saturn and 6.4° to the left of shiny Jupiter. The Jupiter – Saturn hole is 6.3°.


by Jeffrey L. Hunt

Chicago, Illinois:  Dawn, 7:13 a.m. CDT; Sundown, 5:56 p.m. CDT.  Verify native sources for dawn and sundown occasions. Instances are calculated by the US Naval Observatory’s MICA laptop program.

Summaries of Present Sky Occasions
Abstract for Venus as a Morning Star, 2023-24

Right here is at the moment’s planet forecast:

Morning Sky

Chart Caption – 2023, October 24: Venus is within the east in entrance of Leo earlier than dawn.

Step outdoors an hour earlier than dawn.  Good Venus is about 30° up within the east-southeast.  It rises practically 4 hours earlier than dawn and stands within the japanese sky throughout morning twilight.

The Morning star is stepping eastward towards the distant Leo starfield.  Earlier throughout October, Venus handed Regulus, the constellation’s brightest star, and final week, it handed Rho Leonis (ρ Leo on the chart).  Yesterday it handed Chertan.  Because it strikes eastward in entrance of the celebs, it crosses the Leo-Virgo border November 3rd.

Chart Caption – 2023, October 24: Jupiter is within the west throughout morning twilight.

Jupiter is farther westward.  The second brightest starlike physique within the sky this morning, the Jovian Big is over 20° above the western horizon.

As opposition approaches on November 3rd when the planet is closest to Earth and brightest within the sky, it retrogrades in entrance of Aries, 12.0° to the left of Hamal, the Ram’s brightest star.

Chart Caption – Jupiter’s retrograde movement towards the starfield is demonstrated for 2023.

Retrograde movement is an phantasm as our faster-moving planet strikes between the solar and a more-distant planet.  (Mercury and Venus retrograde, as nicely, however their westward movement is from their pace that’s sooner than Earth.)  Usually the planets transfer eastward towards the starry background, however Earth’s sooner velocity appears to make them again up towards the distant suns. In 4 days, Jupiter strikes between Hamal and Menkar, a part of Cetus.

Photograph Caption – Jupiter (NASA Photograph)

For sky watchers with telescopes, Jupiter’s Nice Pink Spot is seen twice at the moment, when it seems on the middle of the planet within the southern hemisphere. The primary is 1:08 a.m. CDT, when the planet is excessive within the southern sky.  The second look, two Jupiter days after this morning’s sighting, within the western hemisphere happens, 8:59 p.m. CDT, when the planet is within the japanese sky.

Venus and Jupiter bookend a piece of the Milky Means with a number of shiny stars, together with, Sirius, Betelgeuse, Rigel, Procyon, Aldebaran, Pollux, and Capella, half of the dozen brightest stars seen from the mid-northern latitudes.

Night Sky

These side-by-side photos of Mars, taken roughly two years aside, present very completely different views of the identical hemisphere of Mars. Each have been captured when Mars was close to opposition, which happens about each two years, when Earth’s orbit catches as much as Mars’ orbit. At the moment, the Solar, Earth, and Mars fall in a straight line, with Mars and the Solar on “opposing” sides of Earth. (NASA Photograph)

Mercury and Saturn are usually not seen.  The inner-most planet is transferring away from superior conjunction to a difficult-to-see night look, whereas the Pink Planet strikes towards photo voltaic conjunction subsequent month.

Chart Caption – 2023, October 24: Saturn and the moon are within the southeast after sundown.

The intense moon, 81% illuminated, is within the southeast as evening falls.  The moon’s Full section happens on the 28th at 3:24 p.m. CDT, earlier than it rises within the western hemisphere.

Because the sky darkens, Saturn is 9.3° to the higher proper of the lunar orb and practically 20° above the star Fomalhaut, the mouth of the Southern Fish.

For sky watchers with telescopes, the big moon Titan, is to the west of the Ringed Marvel.  Not a lot magnification is required to see the planet’s globe, rings, and this titanic moon.  The Saturnian satellite tv for pc is bigger than Mercury and has a thick environment.  The moon’s colour is yellow-orange.

In the course of the evening, Saturn is farther westward, south three hours after sunset.  It units within the west-southwest, 5 hours earlier than dawn, and an over an hour earlier than Venus rises.

Chart Caption – 2023, October 24: Two hours after dusk, Jupiter is within the japanese sky.

At an hour after sunset, Jupiter is over 5° above the east-northeast horizon.  Wait one other hour to see it larger.  By then, it’s over 15° above the japanese horizon.  By midnight, Jupiter is excessive within the southeast and Saturn is over 20° up within the southwest.  Tomorrow morning it once more bookends the intense stars of the Orion area with Venus.


  • 2023, October 24: Venus, Jupiter, Bookend Brilliant Orion

    October 24, 2023: Morning planets Venus and Jupiter bookend many shiny stars, together with Orion.  The moon is close to Saturn in the course of the night.

  • 2023, October 23: Venus at Best Elongation

    October 23, 2023: Venus strikes to its farthest angular distance from the solar at the moment, generally known as best elongation.  Throughout morning twilight, the Morning Star passes Leo’s Chertan.

  • 2023, October 22: Moon Approaches Saturn

    October 22, 2023: Throughout night hours, the gibbous moon nears Saturn within the southern sky.  Venus and Jupiter are seen throughout morning twilight.

  • 2023, October 21: Three Brilliant Planets, First Quarter Moon

    October 21, 2023: Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn are simple to find throughout nighttime hours.  The First Quarter moon section happens this night.

  • 2023, October 20: Jupiter’s Double Shadows, Mercury at Superior Conjunction

    October 20: After midnight, Jupiter’s moons’ shadows dance throughout the cloud tops.  Mercury is at superior conjunction.


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