Can you visit Earth in Starfield? Lore explained

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In Starfield, you’ll be able to discover the huge expanse of house and uncover tons of distinctive planets, however many gamers are questioning if the Earth can be part of the sport. So right here’s every part it’s essential to find out about Earth in Starfield.

Starfield has the most effective space-based open worlds on the market. Whereas it could not have a technique to manually land on planets, the sport nonetheless grants gamers the flexibility to journey throughout the galaxy all whereas combating house pirates discovering uncharted planets, and even customizing spaceships to their coronary heart’s content material.

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With house exploration and planets on the heart of its premise, many gamers are questioning if they’ll pay a go to to Earth within the recreation. Right here’s every part to find out about Earth in Starfield.

Are you able to go to Earth in Starfield?

Sure, Earth is an explorable planet in Starfield. Gamers can select to land on Earth by deciding on the Sol system from the star techniques map. From there, merely navigate to the third planet close to the solar, choose a touchdown spot, and you’ll land on Earth.

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Earlier than touchdown on Earth, be ready for a startling sight. Since Starfield’s occasions happen centuries into the longer term, the sport options some main lore implications for the state of our planet. These are uncovered as gamers progress by the primary questline.

Starfield ship approaching planetBethesda

Earth is among the planets that may be visited in Starfield.

What occurred to Earth in Starfield?

In Starfield’s universe, people fled to the expanse of house after Earth was deemed uninhabitable. The blue planet’s magnetosphere collapsed over a interval of fifty years, inflicting a mass exodus. By 2203, all life on the planet ceased to exist, and all that was left was a barren desert.

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The explanations for its destiny are linked to the invention of the primary Grav Drive. Throughout its growth, the Grav Drive prototype proved dangerous to the Earth’s environment. Nonetheless, its creation was prioritized over the Earth’s well being, and finally, the planet was sacrificed.

Each Earth landmark in Starfield

St. Louis Gateway Arch in StarfieldBethesda

The St. Louis Arch is an explorable landmark on Earth in Starfield.

Regardless of the grim destiny, Earth in Starfield nonetheless has factors of curiosity for gamers to discover. The planet contains a set of landmarks that survived the apocalypse. These could be unlocked by studying sure books, and a few reveal themselves as a part of quests.

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Right here’s each landmark on Earth in Starfield:

  • Gateway Arch (St. Louis, USA)
  • The Shard (London, UK)
  • The Pyramids (Cairo, Egypt)
  • The Empire State Constructing (New York, USA)
  • Burj Khalifa (Dubai, UAE)
  • Abeno Harukas (Osaka, Japan)
  • Shanghai Tower (Shanghai, China)
  • Worldwide Commerce Middle (Hong Kong)
  • NASA Launch Tower (Cape Canaveral)
  • US Financial institution Tower (Los Angeles)

Does Earth in Starfield have any sources?

Though it’s barren, Starfield’s Earth nonetheless carries some sources for gamers to amass. Whereas exploring the huge desert, gamers can encounter these sources by utilizing the scanner.

Sources obtainable on Earth embody:

  • Mercury
  • Chlorine
  • Lead
  • Iron
  • Water

That was every part to find out about Earth in Starfield. For extra in regards to the recreation, preserve a watch out for our future guides.

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