NASA’s Juno Mission Captures Lightning On Jupiter

On this view of a vortex close to Jupiter’s north pole, NASA’s Juno mission noticed the glow from a bolt of lightning. On Earth, lightning bolts originate from water clouds, and occur most incessantly close to the equator, whereas on Jupiter lightning probably additionally happens in clouds containing an ammonia-water resolution, and may be seen most frequently close to the poles.

Within the coming months, Juno’s orbits will repeatedly take it near Jupiter because the spacecraft passes over the large planet’s night time aspect, which can present much more alternatives for Juno’s suite of science devices to catch lightning within the act.

Juno captured this view as Juno accomplished its thirty first shut flyby of Jupiter on Dec. 30, 2020. In 2022, Citizen scientist Kevin M. Gill processed the picture from uncooked information from the JunoCam instrument aboard the spacecraft. On the time the uncooked picture was taken, Juno was about 19,900 miles (32,000 kilometers) above Jupiter’s cloud tops, at a latitude of about 78 levels because it approached the planet.

JunoCam’s uncooked photographs can be found for the general public to peruse and course of into picture merchandise at Extra details about NASA citizen science may be discovered at and

Extra details about Juno is at and For extra about this discovering and different science outcomes, see


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