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Heist Battleground Mars is probably the hardest Grandmaster Dusk to finish in Future 2 Season of the Witch. Starting from prolonged encounters to swarms of various enemies, together with elites, bosses, and trash mobs, this Dusk calls for the best possible load-outs from Guardians and a little bit of luck.

This text will information you thru the totally different encounters of the Heist Battleground Mars Dusk and tips on how to cheese sure mechanics to make issues simpler. The tied reward with this Dusk in Season 22 is the Pre Astyanax IV Photo voltaic Bow and its Adept model.

Disclaimer: This text is subjective and solely displays the author’s opinions.

Greatest load-outs for Future 2 Heist Battleground Mars Grandmaster Dusk

As talked about, Heist Battleground Mars is understood for throwing huge waves of enemies at gamers. Retaining each Unstoppable and Barrier Champions in thoughts, right here is the perfect mixture of Guardians to have in a fireteam:

  • Phoenix Protocol Effectively of Radiance Warlock.
  • Omnioculus/Orpheus Rig Void Hunter with Vanishing Step and Trapper’s Ambush.
  • Banner of Struggle Droop Strand Titan.

Arbalest or Want Ender is critical for Barrier Champions, though a fireteam is really useful to choose both of the 2.

Phoenix Protocol (Picture through Future 2)

One Machine Gun is required for clearing provides, ideally for the Phoenix Protocol Warlock, whereas others can equip Heavy weapons like Leviathan’s Breath or Linear Fusion Rifles.

Want Ender might turn out to be useful within the last boss room, as clarified within the subsequent part of this text.

Ideas and tips to cheese the Heist Battleground Mars Grandmaster in Future 2

Listed here are some tips to make issues simpler in every Heist Battleground Mars Grandmaster run:

  • Upon spawning within the mission, fully skip each enemy and head to the left. Clear away the Hive crumbs on the C level from a distance, and wait till it fills up. Be aware that the factors replenish solely when no enemies enter the radius.
  • For the center plate, keep behind and have your invisible Hunter method and defeat the 2 Acolytes that enter the radius. Since this half is dependent upon your luck, utilizing your ammunition and supers to clear away enemies is really useful as properly.
  • Within the hacking part, take the balcony to the upper-left aspect from the doorway and defeat enemies by popping supers always.
  • The leaping puzzle could be made simple by turning into invisible by means of the Hunter, much like the Heist Battleground Europa opening part.
  • The second a part of the leaping puzzle could be skipped by leaping on the pipes to the suitable as a substitute of going to the left. Picture instance under.
  • The door to the boss room is really useful to be opened utilizing solely the Warmind balls accessible on high of the doorway and to the suitable.
  • To cheese the boss within the first part, kite (a gaming time period used for ‘luring’) the boss within the again hallway by assigning allies in two corners. As soon as the boss approaches one nook, the assigned participant will jump over it, whereas the remainder will deal injury.
Heist Battleground Mars (Picture through Future 2)

Within the second part, have two gamers with sturdy major weapons (Want Ender) hop on one of many pillars and stun lock the boss.

Pillar within the boss room (Picture through Future 2)
Kelgorath stun locked (Picture through Future 2)

You should utilize this methodology in each phases to be secure. Nevertheless, it should take up plenty of time. In between the phases, invisible Hunters can deposit the costs, whereas others can pop their supers to clear away mobs and Champions.

Lastly, resulting from Kelgorath’s charging nature, having a Leviathan’s Breath to knock him again is a superb technique in the direction of the start of the encounter.

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