NASA’s MOXIE completes oxygen-making experiment on Mars

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER — After finishing its sixteenth and closing take a look at of producing oxygen within the principally carbon dioxide ambiance of Mars, MOXIE will go away a legacy for its larger future descendants, says the principal investigator of the challenge.

What You Want To Know

  • MOXIE created sufficient oxygen for an individual to breathe for six hours
  • Principal investigator explains the advantages of MOXIE
  • Dr. Michael Hecht hopes MOXIE’s achievements is not going to be forgotten
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That’s quite a lot of MOXIE

The Mars Oxygen In-Situ Useful resource Utilization Experiment, higher often known as MOXIE, was certainly one of many gadgets and experiments on the Perseverance rover, which landed on Mars in 2021.

Throughout its time on the Crimson Planet, the microwave oven-sized gadget generated oxygen from the carbon dioxide within the air 16 occasions.

It was capable of produce molecular oxygen by an electrochemical course of that separates one oxygen atom from every molecule of carbon dioxide from Mars’ skinny ambiance, acknowledged NASA.

In all whole, MOXIE generated 122 grams of oxygen.

That’s about six hours of breathable air for the common one that is sitting in a chair and a pc, principal investigator of the MOXIE challenge Dr. Michael Hecht defined to Spectrum Information.

The ultimate time MOXIE created oxygen was on Aug. 7, of this yr, with the instrument making 9.8 grams.

As a result of the Perseverance rover solely has a lot energy to function, 100 watts, MOXIE can solely generate a small quantity of oxygen, which is secure, mentioned Hecht.

“Little question about that. It’s secure to breathe,” Hecht mentioned.

A MOXIE descendent, a full-scale unit, would should be the scale of a washer machine to provide the quantity of oxygen wanted for astronauts to breathe and get residence, Hecht mentioned.

It was MIT that created MOXIE, which weighs 37.7 kilos on Earth however a lightweight 14.14 kilos on Mars because of the planet’s decrease gravity.

MOXIE is seen being lowered into the Perseverance rover in 2019. The microwave-oven measurement gadget made oxygen 16 occasions whereas on Mars. (NASA/JPL-Caltech)

Trying into the longer term

Hecht mentioned the first use of the full-scale unit can be to create liquid oxygen so future astronauts can refuel their craft — probably SpaceX’s Starship as soon as accomplished —  to make the journey again residence to Earth.

With the ability to create gasoline means future Mars missions is not going to have to convey a lot rocket propellant with them. Gas and weight are appreciable components for any house mission.

This future full-scale unit would wish one other unit connected to it, defined Hecht, saying this unit can be designed to liquefy the oxygen and retailer it.  

“It ought to produce 2 to three kilograms an hour of oxygen,” mentioned Hecht, who can be the deputy challenge director of the Occasion Horizon Telescope Collaboration that takes photos of black holes from Earth.

“We discovered an ideal deal in working MOXIE,” he mentioned as his workforce found methods to enhance the instrument, including that “there wasn’t one factor however fixed moments of Ahas,” when working with the gadget.


How lengthy it could take for a full-scale model of MOXIE to be constructed and positioned on Mars — between 5 to 10 years, mentioned Hecht — isn’t the true query however in line with him, what must be requested is when will NASA or non-public corporations like SpaceX be able to go to the Crimson Planet?

Hecht mentioned that at the moment, the American house company has its eyes on a celestial physique that’s a lot nearer to Earth.

“Now NASA is specializing in attending to the moon,” he mentioned of the Artemis missions.

However it is going to take time to construct such a full-scale model, as Hecht defined that it took him and his workforce 10 years from the second they wrote the MOXIE proposal to the smaller gadget being on Mars.

Hecht shared that he hopes when individuals are prepared to go to Mars that they don’t neglect in regards to the achievements that MOXIE made and the way it can contribute to future missions.

Figuring out the mission

As beforehand talked about, the Perseverance rover introduced gear and experiments with it, however certainly one of its aims is astrobiology, the research of life exterior of Earth, and any doable indicators of historical microbic life that will have as soon as been on Mars.

The car-sized rover, which weighs about 2,260 kilos, has different mission aims, resembling accumulating samples resembling rocks and leaving them at sure places so future astronauts can come to gather them.  

After the story was initially printed, Hecht later contacted Spectrum Information to level out that on Thursday, Sept. 21, an unbiased evaluation board issued a report on NASA’s targets of returning these samples from Mars, noting its findings and suggestions, acknowledged NASA in a press launch. The American house company is planning to create a workforce, headed by Sandra Connelly, its deputy affiliate administrator for science, to handle the report.

Within the press launch, NASA acknowledged the significance of returning the Martian samples and the way it will “revolutionize our understanding of Mars by bringing scientifically chosen samples to Earth for research utilizing probably the most subtle instrumentation all over the world.”


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