Elders show way as urban apathy mars polling day in Tirupati

Tirupati: Voters in Tirupati, a outstanding city centre, continued to stay detached throughout the common meeting and parliament elections on Monday.

Regardless of Election Fee of India’s intensive efforts to enthuse the voters into exercising their franchise, voter turnout in Tirupati meeting constituency remained a mere 63.22 per cent, notably lagging behind the district’s common of 76.83 per cent. Apathy amongst city voters in Tirupati metropolis is a recurring challenge. Of the three,02,503 voters, together with 1,49,846 males, 1,52,622 females and 35 transgender people, only one,89,557 exercised their franchise.

“We put in super efforts to teach voters. It’s discouraging to see such a low turnout, particularly within the city areas of Tirupati,” stated an election official. Tirupati has traditionally struggled with low voter turnout, with figures of 66.61 per cent in 2019 common elections, 59.51 per cent in 2014, 50.58 per cent in April 2021 Tirupati parliamentary by-election and 50.78 per cent in 2015 by-election for the Tirupati meeting seat.

Normal elections in 2004 and 2009 in Tirupati witnessed turnout of fifty.94 per cent and 51.64 per cent respectively. Nonetheless, amidst this apathy, quite a few senior residents and people with disabilities turned up, demonstrating the essence of democracy. They promptly arrived at polling stations to train their voting rights.

Regardless of the cruel climate situations, they stood in queues and forged their votes. “It’s inspiring to witness many seniors, some with disabilities, braving the scorching warmth to vote. Nonetheless, it was disheartening that the able-bodied are neglecting their elementary proper,” remarked Anita Royal, a Tirupati resident. Senior citizen P. Janaki underlined the need for a shift in perspective. She says voting is a elementary activity, as every poll carries the potential of influencing our future.


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