Mission to Jupiter’s Moon for Signs of Life

In 2031, it ought to be in orbit round Jupiter and Europa, the place it can start an in depth research of the moon scientists consider is roofed in frozen water.

“We now have devices like cameras, and spectrometers, a magnetometer and a radar that may… penetrate proper by way of ice, bounce off liquid water and again to the floor to inform us how thick is the ice and the place is liquid water situated,” Pappalardo stated.

Mission managers don’t look forward to finding little inexperienced males swimming within the water — in actual fact, they’re not even searching for life itself, just for the circumstances that might assist it.

Scientists know from excessive environments on Earth — like light-starved geothermal vents situated deep underneath the polar ice cap — that tiny beings can discover buy virtually anyplace.

And circumstances on Europa, which is sort of as giant as Earth’s moon, may present an identical habitat, providing the tantalizing prospect we aren’t alone — not even in our personal Photo voltaic System.


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