Today marks the 20th anniversary of the most famous image of the Mars Rover

The rover, Spirit, landed on the Martian floor in January 2004. Shortly after touchdown within the Gusev crater on Mars, Spirit wasted no time in sending photos of its new environment. A few months later, it took a wide ranging picture that supplied a view of Earth with nice significance.

“Shortly earlier than daybreak on March 8, the Spirit digital camera managed to seize Earth as a brilliant star, wanting similar to Venus for terrestrial observers. This was the primary {photograph} of Earth from one other planetary floor,” NASA stated in an article printed this week on its web site.

This was the primary {photograph} of Earth from one other planetary floor

It took nearly 10 years for an additional NASA rover, Curiosity, to seize its personal picture of Earth, this one from contained in the Gale crater on Mars. The picture from Curiosity stands out as a result of it additionally reveals the Moon regardless of being taken 159 million kilometers away.

“These photos, and others taken from Earth from more and more distant factors within the final eight many years, present a brand new perspective on the place our planet occupies within the photo voltaic system,” says NASA.

Spirit explored the Martian floor for nearly one other six years, and the rover’s final contact occurred on March 22, 2010.

In the meantime, Curiosity continues its work in Gale Crater to this present day, and one other rover, Perseverance – probably the most superior NASA rover up to now – has been exploring Jezero Crater because it arrived there in a spectacular trend in February 2021.

In December 1968, one other iconic picture of Earth was not captured by a rover, however by retired astronaut Invoice Anders throughout the Apollo 8 lunar mission.

In recent times, astronauts aboard the Worldwide Area Station have additionally captured elegant photos of our planet from 250 miles above.

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