An AI-powered VR headset could combat astronaut isolation on Mars

  • French startup Coreod House lately introduced its SAT VR helmet, which is able to function an AI-powered platform.
  • SAT will present psychological help for astronauts throughout lengthy, arduous missions into deep house.
  • In an interview with IE, Coreod House CEO Élise Jabès mentioned, “AI is a software to enhance, not change, human psychologists.”

A plethora of challenges have to be overcome earlier than humanity establishes a colony on Mars.

Whereas many of those are strictly engineering issues associated to transportation and habitat constructing, one of many key challenges is targeted squarely on the individuals who will inhabit these future colonies.

The primary people to go to Mars would be the most remoted people in historical past, as small crews will fly to the Pink Planet to determine the groundwork of those Martian colonies.

At CES 2024, French startup Coreod House revealed its House Agent Traveler (SAT) VR helmet, which is able to use AI to offer psychological assist to future house colonists and customers in different excessive conditions.


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