NASA zooms in on the final resting place for its dead Mars helicopter

NASA’s Mars rover has pointed its devices on the downed Ingenuity helicopter sitting in its remaining resting place.

The Mars helicopter was initially despatched to the Crimson Planet as a expertise demonstration with the aim of seeing if flight on one other planet was potential. The demonstration was successful and Ingenuity turned the primary human-made object to take flight on one other world.

The Mars helicopter went on to carry out greater than 70 extra flights, serving as a reconnaissance helicopter for the Perseverance rover. Nonetheless, on flight 72, the helicopter had a tough touchdown, inflicting harm to its rotor blades and finally ending its mission.

The achievement of Ingenuity should not be understated as flight on Mars is far more durable than flight on Earth because the Crimson Planet’s ambiance is just one% as dense as Earth’s, which means the rotor blades have to spin extraordinarily quick to generate sufficient elevate for flight.

Notably, Ingenuity’s blades spun at 2,400 revolutions each minute. Now, geovisual designer Simeon Schmauß has used NASA imagery captured by Perseverance’s Mastcam-Z to spy the lone helicopter in its remaining resting place.


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