Race for Moon’s Resources Has Begun, Says Russia! How Does India, Chandrayaan Fit In?

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It has been over 50 years since people first stepped foot on the Moon. Whereas the seemingly barren and monotone rock may not appear too attention-grabbing at first, the current Chandrayaan-3 and Luna-25 missions show that there’s not solely huge curiosity in our lunar satellite tv for pc, but additionally a budding competitors that continues to brew among the many space-capable nations.

Even after the disappointing failure of the Luna-25 mission, Russia’s Area Chief Yury Borisov has opined {that a} new race to capitalise on the Moon’s sources has now begun.

Greater than status and politics, he identified that this may ‘guarantee defensive capabilities and obtain technological sovereignty’ for the triumphant nations. He additional predicted that the Moon is about to change into “a perfect platform” for deep area exploration within the close to future.

These are impactful phrases from a robust nation, and ones we actually should take heed of.

The lunar gold rush

As NASA’s Moon-colonising Artemis missions proceed to realize footing, it’s clear that the restricted lunar actual property is more and more being arrange for grabs, and solely the primary ones there’ll be capable to declare it.

NASA has referred to this competitors as a ‘lunar gold rush’, exemplifying the potential the Moon mining may provide in future missions within the coming years. Promising analysis has proven that lunar soil, or regolith, might change into a key ingredient in off-world long-term base constructions, slashing out a ton of sources that we’d in any other case ferry onto the chilly rock.

Moreover, if Chandrayaan-1 was proper concerning the ample ice trapped on the lunar south pole, the hydrogen in it may very well be transformed right into a sustainable supply of unpolluted vitality. The chances of utilizing this know-how as a launch pad for deep area exploration change into countless.

However issues do not even finish there. The shortage of a magnetic discipline implies that the Moon is continually blasted by the photo voltaic wind, carrying an thrilling elemental isotope referred to as Helium-3 to its crust. This isotope will not be radioactive, and whereas know-how remains to be missing, scientists consider that we might create safer nuclear vitality energy vegetation utilizing this ample stuff on the Moon’s floor.

Add in a ton of minerals which are in any other case uncommon on Earth, resembling lanthanides, scandium and Yttrium, and NASA’s gold rush feedback begin to make all of the extra sense. Estimates have pointed to the Moon containing sources which are price trillions to even quadrillions of US {dollars}.

How does India plan to take part?

After Chandrayaan-3’s profitable smooth touchdown on the Moon’s south pole, we added an enormous data and political hole between us and different space-faring nations by being the primary nation to step onto this thrilling aspect of our satellite tv for pc.

Each Chandrayaan-3’s Lander and Rover will perform scientific experiements whereas on-line


Over the following two weeks, each instrument on the Chandrayaan-3’s probes can be arduous at work to examine the Moon’s completely shadowed areas, primarily for indicators of water to faucet into for future scientific missions and a supply of energy, as we talked about earlier.

As well as, India has additionally expressed curiosity in mining the prodigal Helium-3 and finally weaponising it for clear vitality technology on our lunar neighbour.

Most just lately, area minister Jitendra Singh lit a hearth within the bellies of younger scientists and entrepreneurs to discover area potentialities by way of start-up ventures. He urged non-public gamers to affix the federal government in bringing in a brand new age of area entrepreneurship — a transfer that may actually speed up area enterprise inside the nation.


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