NASA Retires Overachieving Mars Ingenuity Helicopter

On Jan. 25, NASA ended the mission of its Ingenuity helicopter, which has been working on Mars because it arrived there almost three years in the past.

Ingenuity value $80 million to construct and accompanied the Perseverance rover as a expertise demonstration, with the purpose of enterprise 5 flights over 30 days to check the feasibility of flying within the planet’s extraordinarily skinny ambiance.

After Ingenuity surpassed expectations, NASA prolonged its mission and included it into Perseverance’s science operations. Surveying the terrain across the rover’s path, Ingenuity in the end carried out 72 flights, flying for a complete of greater than two hours, earlier than it broken one among its rotors throughout its final touchdown.

The helicopter’s astonishing success has led NASA to combine comparable autos into its design for its Mars Pattern Return mission.

Ingenuity’s operators on the Jet Propulsion Lab at the moment are performing closing assessments on its techniques and downloading imagery and information from onboard reminiscence earlier than powering it down.


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