NASA Publishes Proposed Revision to 2023 Moon to Mars Architecture Concept Review

NASA printed the primary revision of the 2023 Structure Definition Doc, which discusses findings from the 2023 Moon to Mars Structure Idea Assessment.

The company on Tuesday launched particulars of its deliberate updates to its Moon-to-Mars roadmap, from the Human Lunar Return marketing campaign to the European System Offering Refueling, Infrastructure and Telecommunications Refueling section, or ESPRIT.

The Structure Definition Doc mentioned refinements in in-situ useful resource utilization programs to generate needed merchandise from the lunar programs as an alternative of delivering them from Earth. It additionally contains use instances and features mapping for ESPRIT, explaining the Human-class Supply Lander, Lunar Terrain Car, Pressurized Rover and the Gateway Exterior Robotic System.

“Our new paperwork replicate the progress we’ve made to outline a transparent method to exploration and lay out how we’ll incorporate new components as applied sciences and capabilities within the U.S. and overseas mature,” stated Catherine Koerner, affiliate administrator of NASA’s Exploration Methods Growth Mission Directorate.


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