NASA proposes new solar powered airplane concept to explore Mars – News Today

US house company NASA has proposed to develop a brand new mobility Mars exploration platform that can use photo voltaic power to discover the Purple Planet.

The Mars Aerial and Floor Clever Explorer (MAGGIE) is a compact mounted wing plane with ultra-high productiveness effectivity powered by photo voltaic power to fly within the Martian ambiance.

It’ll have vertical take-off/touchdown (VTOL) functionality, enabled by superior deflected slipstream know-how with CoFlow Jet (CFJ).

“MAGGIE would have the ability to carry out the primary global-scale atmospheric mission at Mars and revolutionise {our capability} of exploring nearly everything of the Martian floor. It’s the first idea to allow ongoing exploration of this area of Mars and would offer a considerable leap in functionality for NASA’s exploration of the Purple Planet,” the company mentioned in a press release.


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