Mars Express reveals ‘halo’ on Olympus Mons — and it’s huge

The European Area Company’s (ESA) Mars Specific spacecraft has directed its Excessive-Decision Stereo Digital camera (HRSC) in the direction of none apart from Mars’s most formidable volcano — Olympus Mons.

The latest launch of those new photographs, made public by means of an ESA press launch on August 23, presents a extra profound understanding of the complicated story behind its geological previous.

How huge is Olympus Mons?

Nestled on the Martian panorama, Olympus Mons is a colossal protect volcano, towering at an astonishing 21.9 kilometers at its summit – an elevation roughly 2.5 occasions larger than Earth’s Mount Everest.

The latest photographs captured by Mars Specific supply extra than simply breathtaking views of Olympus Mons’ peak; they unveil an intricate halo, or aureole, extending from the volcano’s base and encircling it for a whole bunch of kilometers. 


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