The Smartest Sci-Fi Show of 2023 Reveals a Brutal Truth About Space Exploration

Elon Musk claims he desires to assist humanity settle Mars. What if he already had? In For All Mankind’s alternate timeline, the historical past of spaceflight within the Nineteen Nineties and 2000s is totally redefined by an unbiased house company generally known as Helios. The parallels to SpaceX and Blue Origin are clear: a billionaire creates a imaginative and prescient for house exploration based mostly on revenue and supposed idealism. And though he’s very a lot not Elon Musk, Dev Ayesa — performed by X-Males legend Edi Gathegi — is a pivotal and controversial determine on this parallel and considerably higher timeline.

The whole lot that occurs within the For All Mankind Season 4 finale is due to Dev, and he’s the final character we see when the present flashes ahead to a brand new decade. Right here’s why this morally duplicitous house mogul is each horribly practical and a little bit aspirational. Spoilers head.

When Dev breaks the Helios employee’s strike on Mars in Episode 7, “Crossing the Line,” he seems, at first, to be a villain. He takes benefit of the financial desperation of the hanging employees and creates a scenario the place solidarity and the union can now not perform. Naturally, Ed, Miles, and Sam are livid. However then Dev reveals his endgame: capturing the Goldilocks asteroid for the folks of Mars, relatively than the folks of Earth.

Dev heads to Mars — without end.


So identical to Musk has labor controversies with SpaceX and Tesla, Dev’s Helios politicking is each Machiavellian and perversely idealistic. Season 4 concludes with Dev standing triumphantly on the floor of Mars, wanting up on the captured asteroid. He’s the mastermind of a scheme each capitalist and a center finger to Earth’s markets.

There’s no clear analogy for this with Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk. For All Mankind presents an moral paradigm we’ve by no means skilled: at what level would folks on one other planet begin worrying that their laborious work solely advantages folks dwelling on Earth? Season 4 tackled this query in Episode 2, “Have a Good Sol,” and continued to dig into the realities of working-class folks in house.

At present, students like Erika Nesvold and NASA administrator Pam Melroy are engaged on the challenges of making concrete worldwide ethics for house exploration, and getting forward of labor insurance policies that will begin to exist within the subsequent 20 years. In For All Mankind, these hypotheticals are already in play and are introduced with painful realism. Though the sequence is primarily optimistic, the motivations of all of the characters are rendered the best way they’d be rendered in our timeline.

Dev triumphantly closes out Season 4 of For All Mankind.


Dev desires to construct a greater future for the folks on Mars, however he’s partially influenced by his horrible relationship along with his household on Earth. One of the vital episodes of the sequence is available in Episode 5, “Goldilocks,” when Kelly Baldwin insists on bringing her son along with her to Mars, and Dev tearfully agrees.

You’ll be able to simply think about a distinct house mogul being opposed, however Dev creates a really human parental establishment inside his firm, not solely as a result of it’s the best factor to do, however as a result of it advantages him and confirms his biases. He’s not a monster and doesn’t want the world to consider he’s proper. He simply desires to stay on Mars without end, for private and skilled causes.

So, although Dev is a cutthroat businessman with a planet-sized ego, as For All Mankind’s reply to Elon Musk, he comes throughout as a type of anti-cautionary story. Sure, Dev is corrupt, however we’d be significantly better off if Dev have been operating SpaceX or Blue Origin. One way or the other, it’s laborious to think about this man obsessive about blue checkmarks or whether or not Eggo waffles have gone woke. In contrast to Musk, Dev actually is above all of the petty nonsense, and actually desires a greater future. And if that advantages folks apart from himself, he’s for that too.

For All Mankind is streaming on Apple TV.


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