Astronomers spot 350,000-mile gas tail on Jupiter-sized exoplanet

A beforehand undisclosed attribute of one of many extensively examined massive, scorching exoplanets has lately been unveiled. 

WASP-69b seems to be accompanied by a gasoline tail seven instances the planet’s size (roughly 350,000 miles lengthy).

WASP-69b is a scorching scorching Jupiter that circles its host star at extremely shut vary, finishing a full orbit in lower than 4 Earth days. 

The exoplanet’s proximity to its star exposes it to immense warmth, forcing its gasoline environment to dissipate at an astonishing tempo of 200,000 tons per second.

WASP-69b’s star strips away the planet’s environment with high-energy radiation and bodily guides the escaped gasoline into an elongated, skinny tail.


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