Key to Understanding Dark Matter?

Jupiter’s Glow Might Point out Presence of Darkish Matter, New Research Suggests

A brand new research means that the glow noticed on the night time facet of Jupiter could also be indicative of the presence of darkish matter, proposing that gasoline big planets like Jupiter might function new sources for finding out this enigmatic phenomenon. Jupiter, being the biggest planet within the Photo voltaic System, is understood for its protecting position of the inside planets, drawing asteroids with its gravitational pull.

The Cassini Mission

The Cassini spacecraft, launched in 1997 to review Saturn, utilized Jupiter’s gravity to speed up on its journey. Throughout this flyby, it collected information from Jupiter in numerous wavelengths, from radio waves to ultraviolet, and noticed a glow that might be defined by the interplay of darkish matter with the planet’s environment.

Understanding Darkish Matter

Darkish matter, which makes up over 80% of the universe’s matter, is understood to work together solely gravitationally, making it invisible to electromagnetic gentle. Conventional analysis has centered on galaxies and clusters to review the gravitational results of darkish matter, however the potential for observing its interplay on planets provides a brand new perspective.

The Concept of Darkish Matter Annihilation

The paper theorizes that the annihilation of darkish matter in a planet’s environment might generate the molecular protonated hydrogen ion, whose abundance in areas with out ionizing radiation or cosmic rays might point out the presence of darkish matter. Regardless of the relevance of the Cassini information, additional research and presumably infrared information from the James Webb House Telescope are wanted to substantiate this speculation.


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