Lucius Fox Honors Jupiter’s Densest Moon “Io” with Suitably Heavy Metal (Early Track Stream)

Complexity in music shouldn’t be all the time a plus, and having extra style tags can begin to be a worrying signal. It seems that it is fairly simple to make music that is only a irritating hodgepodge with no payoff. Lucius Fox has lengthy impressed me by avoiding this lure: although their music runs the gamut from stoner prog to math rock to far past these realms, they don’t seem to be simply tacking on genres to brag about being six various things on the identical time. The Michigan instrumental duo is finest understood as a persistently ingenious, acrobatic operation that explores no matter facet of heavy music they rattling effectively please. Their excellence comes all the way down to songcraft, as trite as that sounds: whereas their new album Medicea Sidera continues their longstanding relationship with intensely advanced riffs and altering their minds seemingly at random, there’s an order to their chaos. They tie issues collectively into immediately comprehensible frameworks — even when one riff drops into one other with out warning proper because it’s getting good, there’s all the time a bigger, extra attention-grabbing sample at play.

On Medicea Sidera, Lucius Fox goes cosmic, exploring Jupiter and its moons by a collection of suites. They discover some uncommon textures whereas doing so, too — ripping, burbling synths and guitars that appear to bubble and warp towards the eardrums. The file ranges from quiet, explorative melodies to utter pandemonium, the place drummer Paul Drake Jr. and guitarist/synth operator Jeremy Cronk ship lightning-quick chaotic interaction. The suite we’re premiering at the moment, “Io,” leans extra into the latter–the two-piece strikes with horrifying agility, though they do settle into a pleasant mid-paced groove right here and there.

The moon Io is locked in a 1-2-4 orbital resonance sample with the opposite moons of Jupiter, and Cronk cites this sample as an affect on the album together with the traits of every moon. I will not purport to know the main points, however “Io” definitely rips alongside, in accordance with its namesake being the fastest-orbiting moon within the resonance sample. Take heed to “Io” under and hit up Wikipedia to learn up on the moon when you accomplish that.


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