Mars horizon captured in new image: “No Mars spacecraft has ever had this kind of view before”

Scientists bought a uncommon take a look at the curving Martian panorama thanks to pictures captured by NASA’s 2001 Mars Odyssey orbiter, the area company introduced Tuesday. 

NASA revealed a number of new panoramic photographs of clouds and dirt in Mars’ skies and considered one of its two tiny moons taken by the spacecraft final Might. They had been captured by the Odyssey’s digital camera, referred to as the Thermal Emission Imaging System, or THEMIS.


The uncommon photographs had been taken from an altitude of about 250 miles, the identical altitude at which the Worldwide Area Station flies above Earth, in accordance with NASA. 

“If there have been astronauts in orbit over Mars, that is the angle they’d have,” stated Jonathon Hill, the operations lead of THEMIS. “No Mars spacecraft has ever had this sort of view earlier than.”

The Odyssey, which accomplished its twenty second 12 months orbiting Mars final month, is anticipated to take related footage sooner or later to attempt to seize the Martian ambiance in numerous seasons, NASA stated. 

The Mars Report by
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory on

In its newest effort, THEMIS captured photographs of Mars’ little moon, Phobos, that has offered perception into the composition and bodily properties of the moon, in accordance with NASA. 

The pictures will contribute to additional research that may assist decide if Phobos is a captured asteroid or an historical chunk of Mars that was blasted off the floor by an affect, NASA stated. 

“We bought a unique angle and lighting situations of Phobos than we’re used to,” Hill stated. “That makes it a novel a part of our Phobos dataset.”


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