NASA spacecraft captures glowing green dot on Jupiter caused by a lightning bolt

A picture from Jupiter taken by NASA’s JunoCam exhibits a vivid inexperienced dot on the planet’s north pole. Seems, the glowing orb is a lightning bolt, NASA says.

Whereas lightning on Earth usually comes from water clouds close to the equator, clouds containing an ammonia-water answer oftentimes trigger lighting close to Jupiter’s poles, in response to NASA. 

Juno began its mission on Jupiter in 2016 and orbited the planet 35 occasions, capturing pictures and information. The photographs taken by the spacecraft are made public by NASA for folks to obtain and course of. 

A picture from Jupiter taken by NASA’s JunoCam exhibits a vivid inexperienced dot on the planet’s north pole. The glowing orb is a lighting bolt, NASA says.


The picture of the lightning strike was captured by Juno on December 30, 2020, when it was about 19,900 miles above Jupiter’s cloud tops. It was processed by Kevin M. Gill, who NASA calls a “citizen scientist.”

Lightning additionally happens on different planets. In 1979, one other spacecraft referred to as Voyager 1 captured lightning flashes on Jupiter that had been 10 occasions extra highly effective than lightning on Earth, in response to NASA. On Saturn, lightning can strike as a lot as 10 occasions per second.

Knowledge from the Mars World Surveyor did not seize info on lightning, however there have been vivid flashes throughout mud storms and a few scientists imagine craters on Mars could possibly be brought on by lightning strikes.

Juno’s preliminary mission was imagined to final 5 years however NASA has prolonged it till 2025. The house craft has captured details about Jupiter’s inside construction, inside magnetic subject, ambiance, magnetosphere, the mud in its faint rings and and its Nice Blue Spot, which is an intense magnetic subject close to the planet’s equator. 

Juno can be flying by Jupiter’s moons, which have donut-shaped clouds surrounding them, which the spacecraft will fly by. 

Earlier this 12 months, it was introduced that 12 new moons had been found in Jupiter’s ambiance by astronomers. The moons had been seen on telescopes situated in Hawaii and Chile in 2021 and 2022. The planet now has a document 92 moons.


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