NASA tests next-generation Mars helicopters on two worlds

NASA is testing next-generation Mars helicopters on two planets. A brand new rotor that could possibly be used with future Mars helicopters was lately examined on the company’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Southern California. In the meantime, the Ingenuity Mars Helicopter has achieved new altitude and airspeed data on the Crimson Planet within the title of experimental flight testing.

In response to NASA, the brand new carbon fiber rotor blades are virtually 4 inches longer than Ingenuity’s, with larger energy and a special design. The company believes that these blades may allow greater, extra succesful Mars helicopters. The problem is that because the blade suggestions strategy supersonic speeds, vibration-causing turbulence can shortly get out of hand.

“Our next-generation Mars helicopter testing has actually had the perfect of each worlds. Right here on Earth, you’ve all of the instrumentation and hands-on immediacy you can hope for whereas testing new plane parts. On Mars, you’ve the true off-world circumstances you can by no means really re-create right here on Earth,” stated Teddy Tzanetos, Ingenuity’s challenge supervisor and supervisor for the Mars Pattern Restoration Helicopters.

To simulate the Martian ambiance on Earth, engineers regarded to JPL’s 25-foot large, 85-foot-tall house simulator – a spot the place NASA’s Surveyor, Voyager, and Cassini spacecraft obtained their first style of space-like environments. In September 2023, a group monitored sensors, meters, and cameras because the blades endured run after run at ever-higher speeds and larger pitch angles.

NASA’s Ingenuity flew for the primary time on the Crimson Planet on April 19, 2021, hovering 10 toes (3 meters) for 30 seconds above Jezero Crater. Since first taking to the Martian skies, the tiny helicopter has achieved many distance and altitude data on Mars, paving the way in which for future aerial explorers.


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