Sophie Mars captures the essence of a teenager’s emotional turmoil in her debut single

At simply 17, Sophie Mars is kicking off her outstanding musical journey together with her debut single, “Hate Me Too,” launched at the moment, is a brutally sincere meditation on teenage life, encapsulating the confusion and hope that defines this pivotal stage.

Sophie’s journey into music wasn’t deliberate however fairly an encounter. The budding musician discovered herself immersed in a recording session with the celebrated Chicago alt-rock band Veruca Salt. Intrigued not solely by their efficiency but additionally by the studio mechanics, she struck up a friendship with their acclaimed producer Brad Wooden. This connection sparked a musical partnership, ensuing within the creation of “Hate Me Too.”

“Working with Sophie this summer season was a sequence of lovely little discoveries that constructed over the weeks into what turned ‘Hate Me Too’,” Brad says a bout the first-time collaboration. “I believe Sophie was studying the ability of her personal voice, the load of her phrases, as she labored with us within the studio and that sense of discovery is baked into the track and association. It’s thrilling and intimate. I can’t wait to listen to what she does subsequent.”

“Hate Me Too” explores the panorama of teenage angst, with reverberating chords and emotionally-drenched lyrics that delve into the painful aftermath of a breakup. Sophie’s unfiltered method, avoiding exterior influences, offers the observe a uncooked authenticity, sounding like lyrics torn straight from a diary.

The track captures the essence of an adolescent’s emotional turmoil, making it relatable and poignant.


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