Space Exploration: Nuclear energy keeps Chandrayaan-3 propulsion module going

MUMBAI: Chandrayaan-3 has an untold success: The mission’s propulsion module now orbiting Moon is powered by nuclear know-how.
Confirming it to TOI on Monday, Atomic Power Fee chairman Ajit Kumar Mohanty stated he’s completely satisfied that India’s nuclear sector could possibly be a part of such an essential area mission. Isroofficers stated the propulsion module is provided with two radioisotope heating models (RHU) producing one watte designed and developed by BARC.RHUs hold the spacecraft at their operational temperatures.
Chandrayaan 3 mission director P Veeramuthuvel on Sunday stated Isro might quickly use nuclear sources to take care of devices in future rovers. Isro officers stated that the RHUs couldn’t be put in on Chandrayaan 3’s Vikram lander and Pragyan rover as a result of it might have elevated their mass.
They had been positioned within the propulsion module for experimental and demonstration functions. “They’ve been functioning flawlessly,” stated an official. “It’s the primary main joint mission of Isro and BARC.”
Spacecraft which have used radioisotope heater models embrace Nasa’s Galileo spacecraft to Jupiter, Cassini to Saturn and Voyagers 1 and three.


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