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The biggest planet’s most up-to-date opposition occurred on September 26, 2022

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Printed: Sat 28 Oct 2023, 6:00 AM

Stargazers and astronomy lovers within the UAE can gear up for a uncommon celestial occasion on Friday, November 3, when they may be capable of view an unusually vibrant object ascending within the sky.

That is when Jupiter can be at its closest level to Earth, throughout a phenomenon referred to as Jupiter’s opposition. Taking to platform X, the Dubai Astronomy Group tweeted: “The Jupiter opposition occurs when Jupiter, the Solar and The Earth are all aligned in the identical line which suggests that we are going to be getting the most effective view of Jupiter all 12 months on this night time (November 3).”

Which planets expertise opposition?

Whereas many individuals may be accustomed to the concept that opposition is the perfect interval to look at a planet, however what does this time period truly imply, and which planets expertise opposition?

Explaining the phenomenon Sarath Raj, Venture Director – Amity Dubai Satellite tv for pc Floor Station and AmiSat at Amity College Dubai mentioned, in astronomy, opposition signifies a planet being instantly reverse the solar.

“Jupiter is at its closest level in its orbit to Earth throughout a Jupiter opposition. It may be seen all night time lengthy, rising to its zenith within the sky at midnight. On November 3, 2023, it will likely be seen from Dubai from 18:15 to 05:54. Round 18:15, when it ascends to a peak of seven° above the japanese horizon, it is going to turn out to be seen.

“At precisely 05:54am, when it dips beneath 7° above the western horizon, it is going to turn out to be inaccessible. It should attain its zenith within the sky at 00:04,” he mentioned.

Consequently, planets positioned inside Earth’s orbit, similar to Mercury and Venus, can’t be in opposition.

Nevertheless, planets located past Earth’s orbit, together with Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune, can all be noticed throughout opposition.

Jupiter shines brightest

“Jupiter has an elliptical orbit, each Earth’s distance from the Solar and the planet’s distance from Earth have an effect on how huge the planet seems to be. Jupiter is one among the many brightest objects within the night time sky throughout opposition,” he added.

On the time of opposition, observers can use binoculars or a compact telescope to look at Jupiter’s 4 largest moons.

“As Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto orbit Jupiter, they might be noticed shifting positions night time after night time and showing as good spots. Throughout opposition, the angle fashioned by the Solar, Earth, and Jupiter is measured by the section angle, which is sort of precisely 180 levels.”

Specialists spotlight on November 3, Jupiter can be at its finest within the Dubai sky; however, throughout opposition, large-aperture telescopes are wanted to see Jupiter up shut.

Raj continued: “Higher decision of Jupiter’s cloud bands, its moons’ surfaces, and the Nice Purple Spot is feasible with bigger apertures. Jupiter oppositions offers perfect alternatives for in-depth scientific research of Jupiter’s ambiance, magnetosphere, and moon system, even if Jupiter might not be an appropriate vacation spot for human settlement, thereby increasing our understanding of planetary science.”

Final Jupiter Opposition

Jupiter’s most up-to-date opposition occurred on September 26, 2022, throughout which Earth positioned itself between Jupiter and the solar, inflicting Jupiter to look instantly reverse the solar in our sky.

Throughout this occasion, Jupiter was nearer to Earth than it had been in 70 years, at a distance of 367 million miles (591 million km) from our planet.

The place are you able to watch the phenomenon in Dubai?

In the meantime, the Al Thuraya Astronomy Centre can be internet hosting a particular occasion for sky gazers on that day to view the Jupiter Opposition phenomenon.

The occasion will happen at Mushrif Park, Dubai between 7-9pm.


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