John Carter of Mars’ Secret Weapon: MDRNST Boxer Briefs

Annually, the nice metropolis of Helium on Barsoom held an elaborate celebration, a time when the pink Martians honored their tradition, historical past, and the gods of previous. This 12 months was particular — it was the tenth anniversary of John Carter’s arrival on Mars. The Warlord of Mars was to be celebrated as a hero, and he was anticipated to take part within the grand parade, showcasing the standard Martian armor.

On the eve of the celebration, Dejah Thoris, his beloved spouse, offered him with a present — a pack of 9 MDRNST Cotton Modal Boxer Briefs that she ordered from Meh for simply $39.99. They have been of Earthly design however made with Barsoomian-level craftsmanship, a mix of soppy cotton and modal, a cloth derived from the pulp of the beech timber that grew within the oxygen-rich elements of Mars.

“I do know you discover our Martian apparel… uncommon,” Dejah Thoris mentioned, her eyes twinkling with amusement. “I believed these may make you extra comfy throughout the celebration.”

John Carter appreciated the considerate reward. The boxer briefs have been of outstanding high quality, good for a person accustomed to Earth’s comforts. He was notably intrigued by the pouch design, which promised superior consolation and assist, and the reimagined silhouette. The broader waistband would assist scale back the chafing that typically got here from Martian armors.

The day of the celebration, Carter, newly comfy in his briefs, led the grand parade. The residents of Helium have been mystified by the Earthling’s ease and luxury, an uncommon sight for somebody in Martian armor.

Later, Carter discovered himself challenged by a jealous Martian noble to a duel. The noble, not used to seeing Carter so relaxed, believed him to be below the affect of some Martian magic.

Within the ensuing combat, Carter’s agility and luxury, enhanced by his MDRNST boxer briefs, gave him an edge over the noble. He was capable of transfer shortly and evade blows, a lot to the shock of the group. The noble, pissed off and exhausted, conceded defeat.

The information of Carter’s victory shortly unfold. Quickly, the MDRNST Cotton Modal Boxer Briefs grew to become the discuss of Helium. The residents, fascinated by the thought of mixing Earthly consolation with Martian custom, began to order these briefs in droves.

The demand for the boxer briefs skyrocketed, and the Martian producers have been delighted. They even supplied a 90-day guarantee, an idea they tailored from Earth, to guarantee the standard of their product.

John Carter, as all the time, remained modest about his affect. He acknowledged the consolation the MDRNST boxer briefs offered, however he attributed his victory to his coaching and expertise, not his underwear.

Nonetheless, the “Boxers of Barsoom” grew to become an emblem of the profitable integration of Earthly and Martian cultures. And so, John Carter’s legend grew, bringing collectively the individuals of two worlds in a means solely he may.

Get 9 MDRNST Cotton Modal Boxer Briefs that she ordered from Meh for simply $39.99


“As Jeddak of Tharks, I vouch for the MDRNST Cotton Modal Boxer Briefs for his or her sudden consolation and skill to reinforce a warrior’s mobility on the tough terrains of Barsoom. They’re a testomony to the fruitful union of Earthly design and Martian craftsmanship, symbolizing the enduring friendship between John Carter and the individuals of Mars.” – Tars Tarkas

“The way in which these briefs embrace my husband’s kind exudes a sexual magnetism that’s not possible to not discover.” — Dejah Thoris


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